Letters: Iain Christie, January 16, 2015

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I agree with Nick Vinehill (Letters, January 9 ) that no change of principles was ever required for Tories to take the step from their Party to UKIP.

It is a disappointing sight whenever we see a hopeful working person move gratefully forward to shake the hand of the grinning pretend pint-ist, under the illusion that here at last is a politician with fierce sentiments towards improving the lot of those who are forced to face the daily grind, in order to fund the necessities of life for them and their families.

How often have the millionaire toffs of UKIP and the Tory Right arisen of a morning with a flood of immediate thoughts that today they will forage deeply in the thought process for a way of improving the lot and wages of the working man or woman ?

The people who have moved over to UKIP are simply Tories who no longer considered the Tory Party to be Tory enough.

Iain Christie,