Letters: Iain Christie, July 12, 2016

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The referendum issue is now one of emotion rather than politics and has resulted in a three-way split in how the result is perceived.

The organisers of the “Leave” campaign are very happy, but well aware that a combination of dishonesty and racism spun into the voters won them the day; the “Remain” supporters, both politicians and public, are depressed and angry that the country has been sold down the river by the use of such tactics, and are rightly fearful of the approaching storms, and the people who voted leave are now beginning to suspect the wisdom of their choice, and the veracity of the information they were given to make it.

Most people are mature enough to accept defeat by an honourable opponent or convincing argument, but anger and defiance are the inevitable offspring of dishonesty and subterfuge.

Any genuine democracy would have ruled the result as unacceptable if it were proved to have been engineered by falsehood and would insist on a re-run, with legal consequences for anyone involved in duping the public.

The idea that in such circumstances sour grapes must be the only supper available to the losing side is outlandish and insulting, akin, for example, to a ban on retribution for anyone who was a victim of the mis-selling of PPI, or a scam investment ruse.

Not all parts of this island will, from now on, feel pride at being associated with “British Values”, as those values have now become besmirched.

I Christie, Silver Drive, Dersingham