Letters: Iain Christie, July 8, 2016

Christmas cards on sale early gv pic 2 PPP-141208-111517001
Christmas cards on sale early gv pic 2 PPP-141208-111517001
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It seems to me that the yuletide decoration of shops arrives earlier every year, and I fear it will arrive earlier this year than ever before.

I base this on the irrefutable evidence of the past week that turkeys have already voted for Christmas. Many who voted to leave the EU are now discovering that their decision was made through their mistaken belief in “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing like the flaming truth”. My metaphorical “Christmas” is, of course, stiffer austerity, culminating in pay cuts and price increases, NHS disasters and delayed appointments, lack of housing, etc. Alongside many others, the result has depressed me to the point of shame that a large number of my countrymen and women have, in my opinion, insulted many countries and peoples, sometimes in innocence through having fallen for the myths and black propaganda propagated by politicians of no such innocence. More often, I suspect, the vote resulted from too many having soaked up many years of xenophobic boastfulness and anti-foreigner rhetoric from the so-called elite.

This whole issue is now one of emotion rather than politics, as most people are mature enough to accept defeat by an honourable opponent or convincing argument, but anger and defiance are the inevitable results of dishonesty and subterfuge.

If we were recently embarrassed by the drunken nationalistic abuse dished out to passing foreigners by the xenophobic worst of our football supporters in France, at least we shall no longer have to suffer the disgraceful conduct of Nigel Farage standing up in Brussels with a supercilious grin on his face and insulting everyone in the chamber who isn’t English. At least we can only improve from here. Happy Christmas.

I Christie, Silver Drive, Dersingham