Letters: Iain Christie, May 3, 2016

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Our swivel-eyed flag-waving “Patriotism Before Facts” brigade appear to have been offended by the advice from President Obama to stay in the EU.

To help them to soothe their fevered brows, I advise them to consider the possibility that his advice was offered in fair spirit to friends and confidants, and not in the manner of a threat as it is being portrayed. He is informing the xenophobes of this country (which, I believe, make up the vast majority of “Outers”) that his country must naturally continue to trade with the larger European core, rather than a much smaller part of it.

Were the referendum to result in our leaving the union, and the US to then carry out their intention to trade with the EU without the President having advised us of the consequences, I can already hear the snarling venom incorporated in the predictable question that would be asked by the flag-wavers as to why he didn’t give us any warning!

I. Christie, Silver Drive, Dersingham