Letters: Iain Christie, November 18, 2016

Trump snowflake SUS-161117-072321001
Trump snowflake SUS-161117-072321001
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The inability of some of the media to decipher the current protests in American cities emanates from the belief that the protests are political, and disrespect a democratic decision by the people.

In fact, the crowds are assembling for much more human and psychological reasons than those of mere politics.

We are all capable of employing (hopefully small) behavioural vices in our actions and attitudes for the furtherance of our own aims. Conversely, through education and experience most of us carry certain behavioural virtues that we would hold to be true and expected. Virtues might include respect and consideration for others, while surely to be included in any list of vices in this context would be lies, insults, threats, slander, etc.

The current furore on both sides of ‘the pond’, I would suggest, is occurring because recent events and behaviours in the political world have achieved the seeming impossibility of turning vices into virtues. This transfiguration is one that our species never expected to experience, and is not one ever likely to be understood or accepted by vast swathes of humanity, hence the coming together, in protest, of shocked and angry individuals.

That anger is compounded by the assumption by the ‘victorious’ element that acceptance should be easy and immediate, and failure of ‘the losers’ to now embrace the new definitions and their perpetrators is worthy of ridicule. Johnson’s ‘Whinge-o-rama’, Trump’s ‘Unfair protests’, and Farage’s breath-taking ‘British Government quite rude to Trump’ spring energetically to mind. Sadly, I don’t see how those appalled by the new definitions of ‘vice’ and ‘virtue’ will be able to reduce their emotions to the level needed to begin a process of reconciliation, and neither, for the same reason do I expect normality to return quickly to either or both shores of the pond.

I Christie

Silver Drive, Dersingham