Letters: Iain Christie, November 25, 2014

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George Osborne and his Tory cohorts are shamelessly confronting the EU on its decision to cap the bonuses paid to bankers, which are rightly considered obscene by the majority of working people undergoing the restraints of austerity.

All arguments in favour of the EU position are understood and supported by, I would suggest, a vast majority of people in this country who pay full dues to the concepts of fairness and justice.

Approaching elections often elicit conceptions such as our “sophisticated electorate”, which are designed to maintain our respect and innate belief in the democratic system, and the decision-making skills of the people employing it. I believe, however, that the emergence of UKIP, in conjunction with the consequent and fear-induced alteration to policy by the main parties, have conspired to enable our sophisticated electorate to simultaneously support the proposed cap to the bonuses, and Mr Osborne’s attempt to curtail it.

Heaven help us from this day on!

Iain Christie,

Silver Drive, Dersingham