Letters: Iain Christie, October 11, 2016

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Sometimes you just have to admire the skill and chutzpah that the establishment demonstrates when setting up and operating independent inquiries.

The news that the senior lawyer in the child abuse inquiry has been suspended has added to the web in which this operation has become entangled. Many participants and interested parties believe that the remit has become too wide to enable a just and satisfactory outcome. The Home Secretary, and the current chair disagree, however, and insist that the width of the investigation will remain, intending to instill confidence in the integrity of the operation in survivors, victims, and the general public.

The result of their ruling, however, must mean unacceptable longevity, massive financial cost, and the likelihood of no satisfactory outcome. Some will perceive that this may be the intention of the establishment in their possible interest of keeping a lid on too difficult a subject, and if they are correct, an impressive chutzpah may be suspected in which the organisers receive accolades for their diligence while simultaneously driving their ball into much longer grass.

I Christie, Silver Drive, Dersingham