Letters; Iain Christie, SEptember 2, 2016

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I thank Mr Munkenbeck for his interest in my letters regarding the massive difficulties that will arrive at the eventual occurrence of Brexit.

He raises points (Letters, August 23) that baffle me in our presumed joint quest to improve the lot of our citizens, particularly from my perspective of those millions who continue to pay off the monumental debts accrued by our obscenely rich cowboy financiers.

Mr Munkenbeck says he made his mind up a long time ago, and cites many others as having done the same. That should be to the concern of us all, as it sounds like an admission that facts revealed in the debates were irrelevant to his decision-making process.

He also says that the Brexiteers wanted to escape the “bureaucratic nightmare” of the EU. I invite him to state any examples of nightmarish bureaucracy that he has suffered as a result of our membership.

By “propaganda” I presume he includes Mr Obama’s kind advice to his country’s closest friend that the “market forces” we both espouse will force Uncle Sam to prefer to trade with 500 million customers to the mere tenth of that multitude that we can offer.

I Christie, Silver Drive, Dersingham