Letters: Ian Iosson, September 8, 2015

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This is a copy of a letter written to MP Henry Bellingham:

I am involved with environmental and conservation issues in North West Norfolk. I am a member of the Gaywood Conservation Group and a member of the Norfolk Wildlife Trust. There is a lot of concern within our group and the local community that the borough council appears to be going ahead with the housing development and associated roads in Green Space Area behind the Lynnsport complex. I am led to believe that there has been very little consultation with the local community. There appears to be a lot of anger and disappointment about this project. The loss of a beautiful green space and a safe area which families can enjoy and learn about nature.

There is great anxiety about the draining of the pond next to the site which is full of wildlife. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if local schools could visit the pond as part of their nature studies? There is also the MIND charity and a school which use the nearby allotments. What are they proposing to do about these very important community assets?

I was there yesterday and observed a number of dragonflies skimming over the water. I have heard that it is the home to water voles. If this is correct, then it should be protected at all costs as the once abundant water vole is disappearing at an alarming rate.

I realise that additional housing will be required in future, but why this valuable green space and not the brownfield sites of which there are a number within the borough? I understand that it is Government policy to build on brownfield sites where they exist in preference to green belt areas. I can think of two sites which have been derelict for many years now, and these are near to the junction of Estuary Road and the A1078. I believe that these used to be the location of petroleum products tank farms. I do hope that you can use your influence to prevent this unwanted development from taking place.

Ian Iosson

by email