Letters: Ian Josland, June 7, 2016

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The idea of devolution is being rushed through by this government without too much thought as usual and if we are not careful could fall foul here.

I am not sure I want devolution in the first instance and think it is undemocratic to force this on the population of Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire without many months of informed debate followed by a referendum on the matter.

Is a mayor and all that entails just another level of government making four tiers of local government in some places? How much will that cost the tax payer in the long run?

It is about 100 miles from Great Yarmouth to Peterborough, 80 miles from Great Yarmouth to Cambridge and about 80 miles from Hunstanton to Ipswich.

We are talking a large area here for a mayor across such a diverse landscape and interests. What have the people in Hunstanton got in common with the people of Ipswich? Come to think of it what have the people in Hunstanton got in common with the people of Norwich? They have more contact with Lynn than Norwich and most people on the west of the county have little or nothing to do with Norwich unless they happen to work there.

Norfolk has trouble relating across the whole county (lots of HQs for charities etc are based in Norwich let alone business HQs) so how are we going to relate to those in the south west of Cambridgeshire or those people in Suffolk just on the border with Essex?

I feel the whole scheme has been ill thought out and rushed through and can’t believe we only have up to June to make up our minds and by ‘our’ I mean the councils.

Ian Josland

Terrington St John