Letters: Irene Rickards, June 5, 2015

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People in Lynn were so generous at the end of last month when our group did a street collection on behalf of Unicef to raise money for the victims of the terrible disaster in Nepal.

We raised £839. We would be very pleased to hear from anyone interested in joining our group, who can contact us on 01553 661293.

As I was standing in New Conduit Street – it was like watching a Lowry painting come to life.

First were the Highways Department men fixing paving stones, then stallholders arrived with trolleys full of fruit and vegetables. A lady from Archers Restaurant set up an A-frame advertising coffee and food down Purfleet Place, and we had a stream of people carrying multiple cartons of coffee from Greggs.

A lady in a black suit came by – I recognised her from Debenhams – and many people stopped to use the litter bin so the street area there was really spruce. Even so, a man with a pick-up stick worked meticulously to pick up every last piece.

As the day went on, schoolchildren from the high schools came into town, some with parents who sent them to our collecting tins with donations.

Irene Rickards

Unicef Supporters Group