Letters: J Deane, June 16, 2015

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Gaywood Community Centre came about after a promotion committee was set up by the community to raise funds.

It also paid off the mortgage for the cricket pavilion and had the community centre built. Lynn Cricket Club did indeed play in the park until the council decided that they wouldn’t pay to cut the pitch and made them move to Lynnsport.

The community centre belongs to the community, who use it but don’t seem to want to help with running it or its upkeep. We are always asking for volunteers to help. We have had a grant which was used to update part of the cricket pavilion, but we still have another part to improve. We get NO help from West Norfolk Council, our income depends on the income we make from the centre’s use and this sometimes only covers utility bills. We need help not criticism. The community centre has a very small committee and next to no volunteers. Has the person who “walks by” ever come in to see us? We have a charity shop and tea room open on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and car boots on Sundays to raise funds. It is also used during the week.

J Deane

on behalf of Gaywood Community Centre Management Committee