Letters: J Oakes, December 5, 2014

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We have just had a week’s holiday in your town.

In the week, we went to the tourist information, and a very helpful lady suggested that we viewed Kings Lynn from the West Lynn bank.

We crossed the river by the ferry and were directed on to what the skipper of the ferry called the Broadwalk.

We walked along the steel walkway and saw some very nice views of the town.

We got talking to a local who pointed out places of interest and we thanked him and said we enjoyed the experience, apart from all the dog dirt on the steel walkway and how we had to hop skip and jump to avoid it.

He laughed and said the locals are used to the dirt, and what we called hop skip and jump the locals called it the RIVER DANCE.

We both loved the Norfolk sense of humour.

Mr and Mrs J Oakes,