Letters: J Porter/Brian Bridge, march 3, 2015

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We are disgusted with the RSPCA. We have always supported them. We recently had to have our labrador put to sleep. Always having had a dog, we wanted to give a home to a rescue dog and we were looking to get another male labrador.

I got in touch with the RSPCA home in Tilney All Saints. They had two; Rowan, who was two, and Lizzie, who was six. We were naturally interested in Rowan, so we went to see him on Saturday, February 21. We filled in an application form asking if one of us were at home all day (yes), and we told them we had an enclosed back garden with a six-foot fence. The manager took us over to see Rowan and as we walked over she said to us “I don’t think Rowan will be very suitable for you, he needs plenty of walks and attention”.

She more or less implied we were too old and not fit enough. We felt she was discriminating against us. We could not believe the attitude. We have always had dogs and we always put them first, always taken them out three or four times daily. We understand they have to try to get the right people but in our opinion they made a big mistake with us. When the manager brought Rowan to meet us you could tell he had taken to us.

He knew we would give him plenty of walks and love. But when we saw the manager again in the office she would not make an appointment for a home visit and we knew then she had decided we were not going to have Rowan.

We were both very upset. When we got home two hours later we had a message from the RSPCA to say we were not suitable to rehome Rowan. We were both gutted. We have always put our dogs first. Even when I was ill we got Mel’s Complete Pet Care to walk our dog, so he was not deprived. It is crazy. We have never been turned down for a dog before. I feel sorry for Rowan, he would have had a good home.

Jenny Porter and Brian Bridge,

Hillside, Marham