Letters: Jan Lloyd, February 5, 2016

Margaret Thatcher when prime minister ANL-150616-120303001
Margaret Thatcher when prime minister ANL-150616-120303001
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Even though I still disagree with Mr Wheatley, I commend him sticking to his guns.

I worked for the NHS all my adult life and I care deeply for it. My concern now is more for the future than the past. We hear of new treatments and techniques very frequently that will make things better for many people, the problem is they are all very expensive and how to pay for it all. Maybe the taxpayer, privatisation, or a mixture of both perhaps, as the Labour Party chose. One more point, if I may. Hurling abuse at people because of their looks, (they can’t help them) or where they went to school, (it was a parental decision), is not useful. It is a long time since we last had a string of state-educated Prime Ministers. Going back to Harold Wilson in the 60s, then Edward Heath, Wilson again, followed by James Callaghan. Then Margaret Thatcher and lastly, John Major. All grammar school children who climbed the greasy pole and bagged the top job. Three Labour and three Tory. Now our prime ministers come from elite schools. Looking at both

front benches there are many “toffs” on both sides, who cannot be blamed for their schooling, although their children’s schools might stand a little scrutiny! I wish them all well.

Jan Lloyd, Ryston Close, Downham