Letters: Jane Dearling, April 21, 2015

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Since the death of Roger Turff, one of the founders of the Harding’s Pits Doorstep Green, we have been asked what might be done to commemorate his commitment to this much-loved area of the town.

Not only was he instrumental in turning a rubbish dump ­ literally ­ into the verdant, wildlife resource it is today, but he contributed to its on-going maintenance throughout.

Our committee has therefore decided to place another seat on the green so that others can enjoy a view which gave Roger so much pleasure.

Anyone who would like to contribute to the cost can make donations to 39 Friars Street, PE30 1AW. Cheques made out to HPCA.

Who knows, we might get enough for two seats.

Jane Dearling

Chairman, Harding’s Pits Community Association