Letters: Jane Etheze, December 13, 2016

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At present there is a ludicrous and dangerous traffic situation in Downham that everyone fails to address but which needs immediate attention.

I am referring to buses travelling up and down Paradise Road whilst trying to negotiate narrow spaces between the hair salon, Castle Hotel and Paradise furniture shops. You risk your life just walking on the footpath round the corner at the top of the hill, where the mini roundabout is, and it is a nightmare for the bus driver plus residents. The situation was better when the 37 bus stopped outside Lloyds Bank on Bridge Street, so at least the driver didn’t have to face going round the roundabout as this is the most difficult part. A good start for improvement would be to re-route the 37 bus to Lynn up Paradise Road from Morrisons and put in a cross walk from the bus stop to Morrisons and make Paradise Road a one-way street. This would alleviate the amount of vehicular traffic that is grossly and dangerously excessive for people to handle on Paradise Road. At the moment, seniors getting off the bus to go to Morrisons have to cross in front of the bus hoping no cars will hit them. The cement posts in the parking lot should be more brightly marked. Also, a crosswalk should be provided at Wade Wright Court for the seniors’ apartments at the corner of Station Road and Priory Road and a crosswalk should be added at Trafalgar Road and Priory Road, because of the fast-moving traffic going downhill on Priory Road and turning sharp left at Trafalgar Road.

Jane Etheze, Primrose Avenue, Downham Market