Letters: Jayne and Brian, August 8, 2015

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About a year ago, we were asked to Re-start the Downham Market Spiritualists Group, following its previous closure, after numbers dwindled and supposedly because the then organisers were said to have started to charge an entry fee.

After some discussion, we did re-start the group on Remembrance Weekend last year, and we might add, at our own expense, but not one of the people who asked us to re-start have attended even one meeting. We meet every second and fourth Sunday of the month in Wimbotsham and Stow Village Hall, paying for the hire, plus the guests’ expenses, yet few people show any interest, then complain there is nothing to do, or nowhere to go.

We advertise where and when we can for free due to lack of finance, but numbers are sadly diminishing yet again for some reason, and nobody will tell us why. We have changed things around, all to no avail, but as soon as we do an Evening of Clairvoyance in aid of a charity on any fifth Sunday in a month, and charge £5 to enter, we fill every seat.

To many, Spiritualism is classed as preaching to the Devil, but that could not be further from the truth.

In fact it was one of three religions passed by Parliament within the UK during the reign of Henry VIII, with just the Church of England and Catholicism being the other two.

Years ago, I, Brian, had no belief in religion, despite my late father being a choirboy at St Paul’s Cathedral, London, when a lad, and yet when I was asked to help out at an election for trustees of a Spiritualist Church elsewhere, I was sincerely amazed to find answers to questions I had been seeking for years, and so became a Spiritualist months later, eventually Baptised into this religion, so having a Spiritual name.

Is it because we meet outside of Downham that people don’t attend, or what exactly? We are extremely puzzled.

Jayne and Brian