Letters; Jeffrey Reed, April 4, 2015

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I had expected some response to my recent letter, but not the illogical and not the frankly rather offensive comments made in three letters.

Vernon Moyse refers to the proposed facility as a “monster”, having obviously completely ignored the detailed report and decision in favour by the planning inspector Elizabeth Hill.

I would suggest she knows more about the whole issue than all the rest of us put together. Far from being inevitable”, emissions are almost undetectable ,and pose no threat whatsoever to health. Far less than the crematorium or bonfires.

Sheridan Payne calls me “deluded and arrogant”. I always fight for what benefits my local community and Norfolk people, and the CW facility would have done that.

The Willows site is owned by the county council and is in an area with the power station, Palm Paper and the waste recycling plant. Therefore it is difficult to imagine a better location.

David Skerritt reveals the absolute crux of this whole sorry saga, candidly admitting he is a Nimby. I have never had any tendency towards nimbyism ,and contrary to what he, Vernon and countless others might suggest, I would have no problem at all with an incinerator being situated near Downham.

The cancellation of the ill-conceived Material Works scheme, and the transporting of Norfolk waste miles further to Suffolk also add justification to my stance.

All three respondents seem oblivious to the £33.7 million unnecessary burden on ratepayers throughout the county and the total of nearly £1 million wasted by the borough council.

We will all see the result of this inexcusable folly in increased rates and loss of services.

However, Big Eye (Lynn News, March 31) encouraged nimbys to oppose the spate of unwanted planning applications for yet more intensive poorly-planned housing.

I fully support his views,and I am doing as much as I can to prevent the desecration of our countryside. As Big Eye says, there are thousands of houses on the market alreadyand many more properties which could be renovated and brought back into use.

Jeffrey Reed,