Letters: Jeremy Dearling, March 27, 2015

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As an enthusiastic omnivore, I for one welcome the opportunity to eat new meats.

Other omnivores might welcome the news that kangaroo and other new meats are available not only at Iceland but Lidl also.

Like all humans, my biology and physiology has evolved to benefit from a wide variety of food and I don’t take kindly the urgings of those who have deliberately chosen an eating disorder as their lifestyle to modify my diet.

Those who don’t wish to eat meat are welcome to their diet, but please don’t preach to me what I should eat. It isn’t anyone’s business but my own.

Has no-one a care for the fate of the carrot? Carrots have feelings too.

They don’t have the benefit of being stunned before death, their roots being torn from them as they are tugged from the ground, leaving part of themselves behind.

If we could hear the screams carrots make when pulled I think we would all agree it is cruelty beyond the pale.

Let’s have no more nonsense about kangaroo. Meat is tasty and nice. If you don’t want to, don’t eat it, but leave the rest of us who do to enjoy our food without the wittering drone that we should eat something less nutritious and tasty.

Jeremy Dearling