Letters; Jill Davis, February 10, 2015

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I spent two days at what turned out to be a three-day hearing conducted by an Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State to consider an appeal lodged by Broadland Housing & Townsfolk against the borough council’s decision to refuse planning permission for the proposed development at School Road, Heacham.

I have to congratulate this lady inspector for her very professional and patient handling of all the tedious detail she had to wade through.

Since the hearing it has come out that a nursing home provider has offered the Heacham Group Practice £30,000 to provide medical care for the proposed nursing home. The practice has very honourably refused to have anything to do with this. I have long suspected this sort of thing goes on.

The borough, parish council, our MP and the people of Heacham are almost 100 per cent united in their opposition to this development and if it is allowed to go through on a legal technicality, as the developers tried to argue, it will be a total travesty for democracy and will fly in the face of the government’s commitment to ‘Localism’.

Jill Davis,