Letters: Jo Rust, April 11, 2017

Lynn News Hustings at COWA'Jo Rust
Lynn News Hustings at COWA'Jo Rust
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I’ve always enjoyed writing letters. When I was a child I always had a pen friend to write to.

I’ve been pleased to be able to continue my letter writing as an adult by writing to both local and national publications. Because I do so, and frequently, I am used to the comments that I often receive, some supportive and comradely, while others, like Lloyd Diggines take on a darker tone. Social media is often full of extremely negative and hurtful comments, people hiding behind a keyboard. While I am used to such comments, it doesn’t mean that I like or accept them. However, my real concern is that the intent behind such comments is to try and shut up the voice of a female who speaks out and if they are able to shut me up, then those critics will move on to others with whom they disagree, shutting down all opposition in women if they could.

So, thank you Malcolm Cox and the others who write in defence of decency, fairness and justice and see it in the same way I do. Thank you to those who disagree but don’t resort to insults to do so. Those like Lloyd, who use misogyny to try to silence, tough. I won’t sit down and I won’t shut up and I urge all those who have something to say, to do so, and share it with the local paper so we can all know how you feel.

Jo Rust, Gayton Road, Gaywood