Letters: Jo Rust, August 11, 2015

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David Holmes writes about my “failure” to get my facts right in respect of Houghton and Holkham, “careless” for a would-be Labour MP.

I suggest the mistake made by the Conservative MP during the election hustings was rather more careless, claiming that “quality” jobs had been created in our area. A recently published article in the Lynn News has proved that this was not true. In relation to the “truly vicious inheritance tax regime of Clement Atlee’s 1945 Labour government”, I’d suggest that the current Conservative regime and the previous coalition are well and truly getting their own back, breaking up or selling off true national treasures like the NHS, selling RBS shares at a huge loss, and decimating social services, vital to so many. Politics of envy by Labour? If it were true it’s been totally eclipsed by politics of cruelty by the Conservatives.

Jo Rust

Gayton Road, Gaywood