Letters: Jo Rust, August 12, 2017

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Michael Warden raises a very serious issue about the instances of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

At this time of year, during the long holiday away from school, there is a risk that young girls could be told they’re being taken on holiday, only to experience the physical and psychological abuse of FGM. Our local force has been delivering a comprehensive training programme across the county in order to ensure that those working in health, education and social services are able to spot the signs and assist victims. In addition, Detective Superintendent Wvendth, who leads this area of crime, established the Honour Based Abuse/Forced Marriage and FGM Partnership Group specifically to deal with this crime. Because of the nature of the abuse many young women are too ashamed or embarrassed to come forward, they also still want to protect their families who allowed the act to take place. I agree with Mr Warden that perpetrators of this abuse should be jailed, it is the only way that we can show it won’t be tolerated. I would support any programme to raise awareness and to encourage young women to come forward about it and appreciate the invitation to pass comment about this awful crime.

Jo Rust, Gayton Road, Gaywood