Letters: Jo Rust, February 13, 2015

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It was with mixed emotions that I read the letter from Michael McDonnell claiming that I receive favourable press by the Lynn News and asking if every single one of my letters is published.

Amusement, because I was only complaining (oh, I know, I always complain!) the other day that so FEW of my letters get published! I’m a prodigious letter writer, there are times I write three or four letters a week, because, there is so much to write about under this nasty government!

Then sadness, if truth be told, because the claim of favourable treatment isn’t quite fair. Reports which contain my name are actual facts about what I’ve done. The Lynn News can’t make it up, I’ve done it. I have slept out to raise awareness of the plight of the homeless (numbers are growing); I have helped with the food bank collection (food bank use is on the increase); I have collected money for charity (the use of which is up under this government) I have stood on picket lines with staff forced to take lawful industrial action (on the increase under this Government) and I have campaigned for the rights of the poor, the vulnerable, those who have a disability and those who have had their social security payments stopped because of unfair and unjust sanctions (ever rising under this Government).

Michael describes me as “crowing” but that term means to take great pride or triumph in a tone of gloating satisfaction. I can assure all of you I take absolutely NO satisfaction in having to do any of these things.

Does Michael really think that I’d not prefer to be out with my family, spending time with my lovely husband, my amazing daughters, my wonderful friends? Or, do more running (which I love, having run the London Marathon for a children’s charity I support)?

Perhaps play and umpire more netball, read more books, do more for Red Wellies, the charity I am the vice-chair of? Or, consider this, I could just spend more time and be a far better school governor at the high school I was a pupil at? Now, off to put the bins out!

Jo Rust,

Labour Party Parliamentary candidate for NW Norfolk