Letters: Jo Rust, February 14, 2017

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Dear name and address supplied, (Letters, Lynn News, February 7) it’s good to see that you’ve been taking an interest in the feelings of the local community that you live in.

The protest against Trump and his immigration ban was deeply felt, enough so that some people were prepared to take to the streets to show their anger. You have implied that as some of the countries banned by Trump have bans in place themselves Trump’s ban cannot be racist. It’s interesting to note that Trump’s ban does not extend to Israelis born in any of the seven predominantly Muslim countries currently barred from entering the US. In fact their visas remain valid, meaning that Israelis are still able to enter the USA (Jerusalem Post, 31/01/17 Herb Keinan). This indicates the ban is one targeted at Muslims. The American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee has said that the new policy is tantamount to an Arab and Muslim ban based on Islamophobia and xenophobia. Israel itself imposes travel restrictions on Palestines in the Jewish state as well as restricting where their own population can travel, barring them from travelling to the countries that Trump has barred citizens from. A group called Right Now: Advocates for African Asylum Seekers in Israel actually gathered outside the US Embassy in Tel Aviv to rally against Trump’s order and the polices of their own government. Let’s add to this the fact that two of Trump’s own states are citing his inflammatory rhetoric as evidence that the government claims it’s not a ban aimed at Muslims are a sham. In December 2015 Trump called for a “total and compete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” Later comments he made prompted the question of whether he was pulling back on his Muslim ban, to which he replied that it could actually be seen as “an extension”. So, name and address supplied, while I might well be taking to the streets to protest at something (March 4, to defend the NHS) it’s not looking like I’ll be doing it for the reasons you suggest. As for your closing comment, please do let me know exactly what it is you’re doing to run the government. I’d love to know.

Jo Rust

Gayton Road, Gaywood