Letters: Jo Rust, February 19, 2016

Lynn News Hustings at COWA'Jo Rust ANL-150422-085411009
Lynn News Hustings at COWA'Jo Rust ANL-150422-085411009
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Like Malcolm Cox I ,too, love reading the regular contributors in the Lynn News Letters page, from Edward Wheatley to Chris Kerry, the wide variety of views properly reflect all aspects of our society.

In respect of my occupation, my area of work is within the NHS, but I work for Unison. Before there’s a hue and cry about it, I’ve worked in lots of sectors before coming to this point in my career; cleaner, childminder, shop assistant, bill writer for the Lynn News (back in the day), admin at the local college, then in early years for Norfolk County Council. All of which equipped me with the skills I have now and which I put to use in my negotiating and bargaining for workers’ rights, fairness and equality. I also campaign around this outside of my work too.

Jo Rust, Gayton Road, Gaywood