Letters: Jo Rust, January 2, 2015

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I read with disbelief the suggestion that bollards could be placed in Marsh Lane, closing access to vehicles and jeopardising a thriving local shop, which is well supported and used by those living in the area and beyond.

Residents are already facing significant upheaval because of the plans to build 500 houses in the area and to add to the impact by blocking their vehicular access to the shop and Wootton Road compounds the feelings of anger and upset.

Vast amounts of money have been spent on the Saturday and Tuesday market places to make them look nice.

Yet much-needed and long-awaited improvements to the roads and pavements in Gaywood are still not on the horizon and ordinary people living in Marsh Lane face difficulties with access if the plan for bollards does go ahead. In whose best interests are these decisions made?

Jo Rust

Gayton Road, Lynn