Letters: Jo Rust, January 23, 2015

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It’s heartening to see the community work together in respect of the proposed housing development around Lynnsport and Marsh Lane; community cohesion is what’s always needed when a strong opposition is called for.

Having attended the meetings and spoken to the people who live in the area, it’s clear that the development is a cause for justified concern on many fronts. What doesn’t appear to have been taken on board is the cumulative impact of the increased vehicles when combined with the proposal to double in size St Martha’s school. I live very close to both developments and know first hand the misery caused by poorly-parked cars and a huge increase in the number of drivers on roads which were not designed for it.

In respect of the housing, while it is acknowledged we do need more homes, why are the empty homes, which number well over 1,000 according to borough council figures, not being utilised according to the empty homes strategy?

If we could bring long term empty homes back into the housing stock it would negate the need to build so many more in an area which local people are desperate to preserve as open space.

Jo Rust,

Prospective Labour Party candidate NW Norfolk