Letters: Jo Rust, January 27, 2015

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My recent letter about protecting the NHS has met with several responses, all of which miss the point rather.

However, the facts must be faced.

Under this Government borrowing is higher than it was under Labour and while there are claims that the economy is growing, it is not benefiting the lower paid.

The rich are getting richer, but those further down the ladder are really suffering.

Claims that we need a strong economy to support the NHS might be true, but we’re not there by a long shot.

There has been a costly top down re-organisation of the NHS, which is estimated to have taken £3bn from front line services and there have been forced efficiency savings of £20bn.

One cannot, with even the nicest rose-tinted spectacles, claim that this a Government which cares about the NHS.

Let’s face facts, the Conservatives have hated the NHS since July, 1948, and each time they gain power they chip further away at it, trying to disguise the damage caused with flowery words, obfuscation and deception.

Make no mistake, if we have a Conservative-led Government in June 2015 we will see the death of our National Health Service.

Only a Labour Government will protect it for us now and for our children and grandchildren in the future.

Jo Rust,

Prospective Labour Party candidate for the North West Norfolk Constituency