Letters; Jo Rust, July 10, 2015

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I love the history of our area, from Houghton Hall, home of the first prime minister, Robert Walpole to True’s Yard, our fishing heritage museum.

I’m proud to live in an area with a rich and varied past.

Our borough council has worked hard to restore some areas to their former beauty, including the town hall, town centre and historic waterfront. This work allows visitors to the area to see our town at its best. Hopefully they’ll come back and spend more time and contribute to our economy. Sadly, for many who live here, their view and their experience is not quite as pleasant.

Queen Mary Road, of Gaywood, has been long neglected. Residents there face a daily risk when using both the roads and the pavements. The grass is allowed to grow untended, the tree roots are breaking through the paths and the potholes in the road cause damage to cycles and cars alike. While I understand the need to attract visitors and hopefully business too, I also believe that the local population need to be valued for their contribution and this includes maintaining their roads, paths and green spaces. The residents pay their rates and as such should see a bit of it reinvested in their community.

Jo Rust

Gayton Road, Lynn