Letters: Jo Rust, July 24, 2015

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Cllr Beales delivered a very personal attack on an individual member of the Lynnsport Area Residents Association in Friday’s Lynn News. His mean natured rant is evidence of the fact that the councillor dislikes any form of challenge, and this is what the members of LARA are doing.

Cllr Beales complains that a new LARA representative, attending the special consultative group meeting, is from a village a few miles down the road. Well, if it’s okay for Cllr Beales to make decisions about our area when he himself lives out in the countryside some miles away, then it’s okay for the LARA representative, too. All the LARA members are determined to do what they can to protect a valuable leisure area, vital for the health and well being of those who live in built up areas like central King’s Lynn, but also incredibly well used by all those within the constituency and beyond. Cllr Beales might be an elected representative for Gayton, but he shouldn’t think this means he’ll go unchallenged in his decision making. We believe the decision to sell off Lynnsport to make money for the council is the wrong decision and we will continue to oppose it.

Jo Rust

Gayton Road, King’s Lynn