Letters: Jo Rust, June 9, 2015

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I believe Michael Hammond is a bit confused over how our voting system works (Letters, May 29).

The people of North West Norfolk didn’t go to the polls on May 7 with two options – to put a cross in the box to vote FOR Labour’s Jo Rust, or, to put a cross in the box to vote AGAINST Labour’s Jo Rust. They were given the option to vote for one of five political parties. Enough said!

In respect of Jeffrey Reed, he speaks sense in at least one respect, that I am a pleasant lady! Apart from that, if Mr Reed wants politicians who had experienced jobs in the real world, well, my employment history looks far better in that respect than either of the two local MPs.

My misguided and blinkered view is one that enables me to see Labour’s fiscal deficit was lower in every year than the deficits of John Major’s government. It was the devastating impact of the global economic crash that forced the last Labour government to borrow a further £250 billion in the last two years. Compare that with George Osborne’s borrowing of £540 billion in less than five years and its failure to repay a penny of the country’s debts. We live in a country that needs food banks to feed families in which there are working people and where 50 per cent of food bank referrals are due to welfare reforms because the job centre has sanctioned someone and taken away their JobSeekers Allowance. Is this Mr Reed’s definition of success? Because it’s not mine. Is that because I’m a “hard line left wing union socialist” or, is it because I just care about other people?

Jo Rust

Gayton Road, Lynn