Letters: Jo Rust, March 22, 2016

Lynn News Hustings at COWA'Jo Rust ANL-150422-085230009
Lynn News Hustings at COWA'Jo Rust ANL-150422-085230009
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I read with disbelief the recent letter from Cllr Thomas Smith.

The Clenchwarton site which the borough council rejected for housing, because of the flood risk, is categorised in exactly the same way as the site at Lynnsport. They are both a level three flood risk. The flood defences he makes mention of the town having are for tidal floods, the drainage improvements he speaks of is for water that is in the actual drain not on the surface of the land. So neither of these defences he refers to in order to mitigate against the ludicrous decision to ride roughshod over public opinion, over planning regulations and over the need for green outdoor space, will alleviate the problem of flooded land caused by surface water from heavy rain or overflowing rivers.

Jo Rust, Gayton Road, Gaywood