Letters: Jo Rust, May 15, 2015

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Entering into a competition to become an elected representative of the people that you live amongst is not an easy decision to make.

In doing so you agree to become a target or a focus for people to direct their thoughts, feelings or sometimes anger at. By association, those you love can also become a target. I said time and time again that I wasn’t rolled out just for an election and that I would still be campaigning and fighting for the things that are important to people regardless of the outcome. And so I will.

Along the way in this process I have met some amazing people who I can never adequately pay tribute to. I wish to give my heartfelt thanks to every person who helped me, to every single person who voted for me and put their faith in me and I promise that I’ll carry on trying hard and working in our area. Sorry to the critics who might have hoped I’d shut up for a while, but it’ll give them something to complain about!

Jo Rust,

Gayton Road, King’s Lynn