Letters: Jo Rust, October 13, 2015

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I read the recent letters written by Richard JC English with some disbelief.

He was quite clear, he’d prefer lower taxes and fewer services. Fingers crossed that if he needs the fire and rescue, maybe to cut him out of a car after an accident or to put out a fire threatening life and property, they are there to help. While the fire service have done a brilliant job in reducing the risk of fire, accidents still happen and with a growing population are likely to continue. When they do, we need a fully functional emergency service to deal with them.

I’ve been following the story of the Anglian Water sewage treatment centre. Much like our rubbish, our waste has to be dealt with. We have an ever-growing population who must wash and use loos. I have considerable sympathy for residents whose lives are blighted by the lorries which go to the site, but earlier proposals to improve that situation were blocked. The plan is that these changes will see a slight decrease in vehicles travelling down an unsuitable road, making lives a bit better for those who live there. Surely that can only be a good thing?

Jo Rust

Gayton Road, Gaywood