Letters: Jo Rust, October 24. 2014

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After reports at the weekend that 14 tax offices were to close with potential job losses totalling over 1000, I was overjoyed to read (Lynn News, October 21) that North West Norfolk Conservative MP, Henry Bellingham, has pledged to fight to keep the King’s Lynn based tax office open, as well as striving to retain public sector jobs.

It would be easy to point out the obvious and say that it is the policies that his party have implemented (and that he has supported) which have necessitated the job losses in our public sector.

It would be simple to say that the negative impact of Andrew Lansley’s Health and Social Care Bill (which he supported) has been the cause of our health care staff voting with their feet and leaving in droves, more so after the slap in the face from a derisory 1% pay offer.

It would serve no purpose to clarify that the strong employment market he mentions is made up of low paid workers, with those in North West of Norfolk earning over £100 a week less than the regional average (based on full time earnings - NOMIS). Or that wages and revenue from tax based on earning is down according to the OBR because of this low pay and zero hours contracts which are common. I will merely state that I wholeheartedly welcome his support to try to fight off job losses, however late in the day it is, and I would be happy to work with him to move this forward.

Jo Rust,

Labour Party Parliamentary Prospective Candidate NW Norfolk