Letters: Jo Rust, October 9, 2015

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We’ve had many column inches devoted to dissecting Jeremy Corbyn’s recent election as Labour Party leader and now I’m back from Labour Party Conference I wanted to contribute my thoughts on the matter.

I was open in my support of Corbyn for leader. As a committed campaigner against unjust and unfair cuts to people who didn’t cause the banking crisis, I would be a hypocrite if I voted for one of the other contenders who failed to oppose the most recent cruelty the Conservative government wishes to inflict on low income people, on those with a disability and on the young. However, I fully understand why some people are nervous of Jeremy’s election. Jeremy is different, he is principled and caring and committed to doing politics in a different way. What’s important to remember is, the rank and file members of the Labour party voted for him. If he has the support of the people, then it’s our duty to give him the chance that they want him to have.

I’d urge people to wait and see, don’t judge on the basis of what you think he’s going to do, but wait for him to actually do it.

I look forward to welcoming Jeremy when he visits King’s Lynn in December and I hope some of you take the opportunity to meet him in person.

Jo Rust

Gayton Road, Gaywood