Letters: John Burns, April 7, 2017

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As someone who voted to leave the EU, I fundamentally disagree with Michael Stone (Lynn News, March 28). He is not living in the real world when he says Lynn could be a boom town.

Five hundred years ago it was an important trading town. Time has moved on even if it has left Mr Stone and his delusions of grandeur behind. The truth is that with an unprecedented level of development planned for Lynn there will be no green spaces left. the houses will not be for people who need them and already live here. And there will be few jobs left for any of us. With only a handful of honourable exceptions we are represented by councillors who ignore the concerns of the rest of us, take the money and suck up to the establishment. When we joined the EU many everyday purchases went up, and the EU keeps some prices higher than is always necessary. But Mr Stone is being dishonest to insinuate the UK is barred from trading with other countries. Every member of the World Trade Organisation can trade with each other. Mr Stone claims we can take back control of our borders. He must be joking. We already have control over our borders for immigrants originating from outside the EU. Yet last year, according to Migration Watch, there were as many immigrants to the UK from outside of the EU as there was from the EU. And local Tory MP Sir Henry Bellingham wants to bring in even more Bangladeshi cooks. Why can we not train our own cooks? We are forced to import staff for the NHS and other key workers because the Tories tax people who try to get on in life with extortionate tuition fees. The Tories impose austerity on the UK but ease their own consciences by doling out cash in Pakistan. Tories are happy to spend our money on care for the elderly in China while at the same time slashing services for the elderly and disabled here in Norfolk. They even send money to oil-rich Bahrain at the same time as forcing people in Lynn to go to foodbanks. The Tories have no intention of reducing the level of migration. They only want to lower incomes for ordinary people, obliterate workers’ rights and penalise everyone except their rich friends. In his fantasy wonderland, where David Cameron could boss around the IMF and the President of the United States, Mr Stone ignores all this.

John Burns, Wingfield, Fairstead Estate