Letters: John Hawley, December 11, 2015

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The clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) are trying to get councils to withdraw audiology units at hospitals that help with hearing problems.

Stafford Hospital has already done this, under pressure from the CCGs. I thought this was coming when they stopped issuing the small plastic tubes from the clinic at Downham and started only issuing batteries. I expect they were waiting to see if any comment was made, but people just sit back as normal and leave it to someone else. After Stafford, Norfolk and Essex are the next in line. Even here, if you want tubes, we now have to get a bus or cab to go to get them from audiology at Queen Elizabeth Hospital or they could post them, instead of having them available at the point of supply of batteries. How does that save money? Come on people of Norfolk, get writing. Don’t just moan – do some thing about it.

John Hawley

Trafalgar Road, Downham