Letters: John Maiden, April 21, 2015

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Patrick Richardson (Letters, April 17) asked me how I would react if moles disrupted play at Carrow Road.

In the unlikely event of a mole getting in to watch the Canaries without a ticket, I would still recommend removing the mole hills without killing a single mole.

It is perfectly true that I did suffer the agony of watching Norwich City’s promotion push being severely disrupted by Middlesbrough’s time wasting tactics, when I could have been attending my last meeting as an elected member of Hunstanton Town Council. However, Patrick has been present at enough town council meetings to know that in recent years I have had more support from the public gallery than from most of my fellow councillors, even when it came to serious issues with far-reaching consequences for the Hunstanton area.

I hope it will be possible for me to serve my home town in other ways, while continuing to support the Canaries, regardless of their league position.

John Maiden