Letters: John Missing, February 6, 2015

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Is it me or is the Royal Mail supposed to give a service to the public?

Our postman is good, but when he is off our post can arrive any time of the day.

The Royal Mail say: “We generally aim to complete deliveries by 3pm or 4pm in rural areas. I must stress, however, that this is not a guaranteed timescale, nor are we obliged to meet such timescales within our licence.”

They have got it set up nicely to deliver every other day or once a week soon – or haven’t they thought of that yet?

As clerk to Grimston Parish Council I regularly post letters mid-afternoon, with the hope they may get delivered the next day.

Imagine my disgust when I looked at the postbox and found it is now emptied at 9am every day, as are all the boxes in Grimston and Pott Row.

Perhaps Norfolk Standards should check the first and second class post. Surely first class (in theory next day delivery) is now a fraudulent claim, because if the collection is at 9am, anything posted after will not be collected until the next day.

John Missing

Back Lane, Pott Row