Letters: John Wildbur, July 19, 2016

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I was interested in hearing and reading about the car parking in the borough.

I feel it is quite wrong that parking charges do not give change but the overcharge is kept. I also think it is quite wrong that local traders are besieged by people asking for change. I think that the corporation should sort this problem out now. My further concern is in respect of disabled drivers. The corporation has kindly given an extra 20 minutes’ extra time to such people when parking, but I have watched disabled people parking, getting out of their cars with their equipment and then going to the parking meter, which can often be a considerable walk. Twenty minutes is totally inadequate for such people.

The corporation used to not charge disabled people. I understand there should be a charge, although it should be appreciated that often disabled people are not so well off as those who are able.

John Wildbur, Old Hunstanton