Letters: Jon Seymour, February 9, 2016

council tax bill gv pic 3 hires PPP-150721-115146001
council tax bill gv pic 3 hires PPP-150721-115146001
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Regarding your story about the vote on the council tax.As a regular contributor to the Lynn News, and someone who takes notice of many local issues, personally I was not aware there even WAS a consultation.

I certainly can’t recall receiving any communication from the borough council inviting me to vote on the current proposed reforms. It would be interesting to know exactly how the council contacted the public regarding the issue, because it seems that there are many people who are completely in the dark about the issue. I have spoken to several people who all report not receiving any notification, so how is anyone supposed to vote if they don’t know about it in the first place? I’m quite surprised that even seven people managed to respond, unless they work for the borough council as it seems that they’d be the only people aware of the consultation in the first place.

Jon Seymour, Lynn