Letters: Jonathan Toye, February 12, 2016

Motability feature EMN-140503-145046001
Motability feature EMN-140503-145046001
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I was very pleased to see the item on the BBC news on Tuesday evening about Motability cars and the number of disabled people who are having their car taken away.

This is an issue which needs to be aired.

Our disability rights service has an 80 per cent success rate with PIP appeals which means that in eight out of ten cases the wrong decision is being made and people’s cars are being removed unjustly.

I am lobbying our two local MPs (Liz Truss and Henry Bellingham) and Motability to try to set up a round table meeting where we could discuss the possibility of tweaking the rules so that someone only loses their car when they have been definitely proved to be ineligible for the Enhanced rate of PIP ie after the appeal process has run its course and a tribunal panel has reached a decision. It seems an anomaly that one is ’guilty until found innocent’ in this area of law, quite at odds with the rest of the justice system. It has a terrible effect on disabled people’s lives, taking away their freedom and independence and needs changing.

Jonathan Toye, West Norfolk Disability Information Service