Letters: Joy Franklin, March 10, 2015

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I would just like to emphasise the point that Allister Webb made in his very good report of Friday, March 6.

The reason I was so annoyed about the ground clearance in preparation for the new road and car park is that the council really are displaying total disregard for the public by sending in machinery, totally unannounced – unlike last February when they at least had the decency to inform local people they were going to clear the Marsh Lane Site (planning application not yet submitted), and before planning permission has been granted.

There is a problem with EA concerns over water run off and drainage. Cllr Beales cannot ignore the very strong language they have used and he knows full well that the IDB are the responsible consultee to lodge any objection on run off/drainage.

The EA have made it clear they cannot support the application and view it as unsustainable development.

Any doubters read the EA representation of February 10 within planning application 14/01562/FM.

Their serious concerns are inescapable and no doubt the reason the determination deadline for the application of February 4 has been missed.

To date there has been nothing on the application portal to mitigate the EA concerns.

Obviously if the application was to be refused all the wildlife has been displaced and the habitat lost for good.

That applies to the Marsh Lane site, areas along the cycle track and the now totally-cleared stock pond area.

My opposition to the clearance works is nothing to do with whether I approve or disapprove of the development because I am not opposed to all of the proposals by any means, and have made that clear to the council, LARA and Mr Webb.

However I do object to the actions of a council who are treating the area as if it already has planning consent.

I view this as nothing but a blatant display of predetermination of both the road planning application, currently pending decision, and the Marsh Lane Site application yet to be submitted.

Joy Franklin

Grey Sedge, King’s Lynn