Letters: Joy Franklin, March 20, 2015

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How interesting to read that the newly-formed Lynnsport Area Residents Association (LARA) have taken such a proactive stance in putting forward a suggestion to develop the Lynnsport Park site in a much more acceptable format, to those living in the area, than that proposed by the council.

Those who attended both the scrutiny committee meeting and full council meeting will recall that everyone was told that no detailed plans were available for the Lynnsport development sites. With that in mind I find it surprising that the council are now saying that it is too late to change their housing plans!

The council can’t have it both ways either they do not have any detailed plans concerning each site, as they keep insisting, in which case engaging with the community and drawing up detailed site plans acceptable to all should not be a problem or, in fact, they do already have detailed plans and to date are just not willing to share them with the public.

Another issue raised in the same paper by Roger May was the new housing development on the old Pilot site. I drove past this week and was horrified that front doors open on to the pavement right alongside John Kennedy Road. I feel for any family put into those homes it is not only the pollution levels, which Roger spoke of, that are a danger but if a young child rushes out of the door, or slips and falls, there must be a danger of them ending up in the road.

This is not a minor street, or estate road it is a very, busy 30mph main road. Surely the houses should have been set back a bit to provide a safe zone between the doorway and road.

Joy Franklin,

Grey Sedge, Lynn