Letters: Joy Pearce, April 29, 2016

Stagecoach buses at Wisbech Horsefair ANL-160418-111129009
Stagecoach buses at Wisbech Horsefair ANL-160418-111129009
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Stagecoach has put fares up, but are people aware that some bus timetables have also been changed, namely 7.40am from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (number 10) to Hunstanton?

This means people leaving a 12-hour night shift have to wait for an hour and ten minutes for a bus home. This was done without notice.

Also, number 11 now leaves Lynn at twenty to the hour instead of twenty-five past the hour.

I did ask Stagecoach why the 7.40am time had been altered, without notice.

They replied they had posters up, Tweeted and put service updates on their website.

Does anyone check a website or Twitter to check bus times for a journey that has been taken for several years?

I still do not understand why the 7.40am (from QEH) has to leave ten minutes earlier, when school times have not changed.

Bus timetables used to change in May and September, so people would not be looking for any changes at the end of March.

Joy Pearce, Kings Croft, Dersingham