Letters; Joy Pearce, February 3, 2015

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I notice we have a new bus service on the King’s Lynn to Hunstanton route.

I have seen the Lynx bus a few times now, each time immediately followed by a Norfolk Green route 10 or 11.

To me, this seems to be a pointless exercise. If you live in Hunstanton or Heacham, you now have a choice of six bus routes, per hour, to King’s Lynn......2x10, 1x11, 2x CH1 and now Lynx 35. If you live Dersingham/Sandringham you have the choice of ONE per hour, and that doesn’t go to the hospital.

If bus routes are to be expanded, surely it is the outlying villages that need extra buses, not already established routes?

I believe that Norfolk Green provide a good service, although I think the number 11 route could be adjusted to go to Q.E. hospital instead of both number 10 routes.!

Joy Pearce,,

Kingscroft, Dersingham