Letters: Joy Pearce, November 1, 2016

Lynx bus company in king's Lynn ANL-150122-104801001
Lynx bus company in king's Lynn ANL-150122-104801001
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In reply to R Raab’s letter (Lynn News, October 25) , perhaps Stagecoach were worried that they might have to explain why roadworks in Heacham necessitated the number 11 and 10 bus services being switched.

I can understand the Coasthopper route being diverted, but to omit Castle Rising and cut services to Queen Elizabeth Hospital grounds seems a bit excessive.

Why does the number11 stop on the main road, meaning vulnerable and elderly people crossing a busy road and/or having a long walk to bus stop. It only takes a couple of minutes to enter grounds?

Thank goodness for LYNX, which, despite running the same route as Stagecoach, is obviously not affected by Heacham roadworks and have started a service to the hospital grounds.

Stagecoach has said it will review the timetables when the roadworks are finished, but as it stated it wouldn’t alter timetables in the first place, I won’t hold my breath.

Joy Pearce, Dersingham